Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today's America

Sorry, I know this is the second time in three posts that I am ranting, but I really must get this off my chest.  This will probably be the least pollitcally correct post you will ever read on this blog.  If you have sensitive ears, I recommend you stop reading now!

America as a whole has gotten freakin' soft!  In my high school American History class, we learned about men who threw tea into rivers and got ripshit pissed about taxation without representation.  These men lived off the fruits and vegetables that were grown in their gardens and killed cows and chickens for their meats.  The leading cause of death at this time was influenza, not cancer, not heart disease, and not obesity.  The average female in the 18th century ate 5,000 calories per day and was not overweight!  What's the difference?  We have moved from a indutstrial and manual labor based workforce to a technology based one.  Basically, we have developed the techology to make things very easy and cheap.  Ever wonder why most sweet food is made with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and not sucrose?  Since 1957, HFCS has been a man made sweetening compound that is much cheaper to produce than any other natually occuring sugar.  You would think that this would throw up some red flags to some people at the time.  Fortunatly, it did.  Unfortunaly, noone listened.  Check this out:

Jack Lalanne was way ahead of his time.

More evidence of the softening of America.  Here's the actor who was choosen to play Conan in the new Conan the Barbarian movie:

WTF?! This the war machine that is Conan?!

Funny, because this is the way I remember Conan:

HUGE DIFFERENCE.  One is believable, one is not.

Oh, it doesn't stop there, look at the twilight series.  It promotes a culture of "Emo" softness.   Here is how I wish the movies would have ended:

^Sorry soft Emo's, Blade is coming!^

My advise,  trust in the truth.  Do not listen to heresay or any other fallicy.  Know where your fruits, vegetables, and meat come from and plan to live 120 years.  I will!

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